The shiny new Lane Cove Netball Club…

Yes, we’ve changed our name! The shiny new ‘Lane Cove Netball Club’ has a new name, logo, uniform and vision… after 30 years operating as Lane Cove Public School Netball Club we are changing to open the Club to more players, umpires and coaches from all schools in our area.

At Lane Cove Netball Club, we are passionate about netball and we want to share our love of netball with others who might not have a team at their school. We aim to give our members access to great netball coaches and facilities. We believe in fostering positivity, sportsmanship and an inclusive environment within our Club so that each player can reach their full potential. Boys are also a welcome addition to the club this year, 3 boys can play per mixed team from ages 7 through 12.

Our 2019 winter season was very successful fielding 15 teams. 11 teams got to semis, 3 teams were runners up and a senior team (who have played together since Year 1) won their grand final in a nail-biting extra-time game!

However, it’s not all about competition, we play together for fitness and to keep in touch socially. If your child is moving into high school this year, they can still play netball with us, many teams stay together all the way through high school. You don’t need to be at school either, our senior division competition is open to ages 17+. No matter your age or experience level you can play netball with LCNC.

LCNC is not just about playing netball, it’s also about learning the rules and motivating others. We have a strong junior umpire and coaching program at the Club. Players aged 12+ can become (paid) coaches and umpires under the guidance of our development level coaches and graded umpires. We hope that this year’s competition will be just as much fun for everyone – coaches, umpires and players!

We’d love it if you would spread the word about the Club now being a Lane Cove Club open to the wider community, by sharing this with your friends.